461 Quaker Bottom Rd,
Havre de Grace, MD 21078

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Quilt Pattern name:
Inspired by the Feathered Star Variation with diamond pattern held in the museum’s collection.


Owner(s) Name:
Steppingstone Museum Association, Inc.

Artist(s) Name:
Deborah J Janelle

Actual Location of Barn Quilt on Farm/Building:
Wall closest to the walkway as visitors walk through the historic area.

Steppingstone Museum preserves and interprets the rural heritage of Harford County from its stunning views overlooking the Susquehanna River.  The founder of Steppingstone, J. Edmund Bull, wished us to represent the “last rural generation” – people who lived off the land and crafted their livelihoods by hand.  Our barn quilt, the first in Harford County, was inspired by a piece in the museum collection and each flower represents the following:

  • Breaking Bread and Community
  • Ancestry of Faith and Hope
  • Fire of Hearth and Forge
  • Herbs – Nature’s Medicine Cabinet
  • Mechanics and Ingenuity
  • Spinning and Weaving
  • Native Tribes and the Gift of Maize
  • Love, Marriage and New Beginnings
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