864 Smith Lane
Fallston, MD 21047

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Quilt Pattern name:
Lost Geese

Pink, Light Blue and Dark Blue

Owner(s) Name:
Harford County Government – Parks and Recreation

Artist(s) Name:
Designer – Kathy Burley; Painters – multiple Harford County Parks and Recreation staff and family

Actual Location of Barn Quilt on Farm/Building:
On the green barn located past the playground and past the house.

Originally owned by Samuel Calwell, a prominent local citizen and signer of the Bush Declaration, this farm has been farmed since the late 1600’s. Purchased by Harford County, it is now home to many recreational opportunities including a trail head of the Ma & Pa Trail, Annie’s Playground, soccer and lacrosse fields, a climbing wall and ropes course, and a bike course. Much of the property’s 240 acres remains leased to crop farmers.