1700 South Fountain Green Rd
Bel Air, MD 21050

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Quilt Pattern name:
Ice Cream Cone Wagon Wheel

Brown, Green, Blue, Mauve, Red

Owner(s) Name:
Kate and David Dallam

Artist(s) Name:
 Joan Hayden

Actual Location of Barn Quilt on Farm/Building:
Peak of roof on front of restaurant.

Broom’s Bloom is an interesting mix of ancestral history and new beginnings. Our name originates from the colonial land grant for the area along with the original owner of the land, John Broom. The ‘Bloom’ refers to crops flourishing and providing for the tenants, hence the name, “Broom’s Bloom Dairy.  The farm and house date back to 1726 and is supporting its 9th generation of the Dallam family. The farm is named after the colonial land grant for the area. In 1997, David and Kate Dallam started milking 65 cows on the farm and even more recently they started making and selling old fashioned ice cream, farmstead cheese, and pork sausage. Our animals are fed a natural diet of grains and forages and we do not use artificial growth hormones.

Currently, we are a dairy farm that has a small café/grocery. We specialize in homemade ice cream and local foods. We also sell our family’s and other local farms’ milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, beef, lamb, pork, turkey, chicken, eggs and more. We are best known for our award-winning ice cream and our crab soups. Stop in for lunch and take home dinner.

Broom's Bloom